How to Spend 5 Days in Chiang Mai

Arriving in Thailand

Arriving to the Chiang Mai International Airport is a breeze. It’s a fairly small airport that had a very limited number of taxis and airport shuttles available outside upon arrival.

The first vehicle that pulled around the corner was a tuk tuk. The late afternoon sun was beating hard, but we opted for the 200 THB (Thai Baht) tuk tuk to take us the 10-minute journey to our Airbnb. What better way to be welcomed to Thailand than a ride in a tuk tuk?

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Valparaiso- Chile’s City of Artists

Valparaiso is not a place built for tourists; yet it continues to draw people from all over the world. There are no major sights or must dos – and yet this is perhaps why you fall in love with it so much. Exploring the colorful, sprawling architecture and street art is a captivating sight even to the non-photographer’s eye.

It’s gritty and authentic; with shops and cafes only adding to the eclectic vibe of the city. There are cafés, street art and hilltop vistas, and local corner shops next door to boutique stores. Valpo is where you’ll spend your days getting lost in the hours exploring small cobbled streets and winding roads.

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An Insider’s Guide to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, most commonly referred to as the “Paris of South America” is a city of greatly diverse culture. In this sprawling city sights, nightlife, gastronomy and the arts are concentrated in a few central neighborhoods.

With every neighborhood or ‘barrio’ offering something different, you’ll be sure to find something new to explore in each part of the city that you visit.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Montañita

People come to Montañita for a few reasons – to surf and to party. What all the travel blogs out there don’t mention, is how to enjoy Montañita when neither of those options tickle your fancy.

There is no denying that Montañita has quite the reputation. Ask any backpacker in the country their thoughts and you will either be met with a look of disdain or excitement. Every single person we came across whom we mentioned Montanita to had the same response that went something like this: “Ohhh, Montañita! You going to party, party, yeah?”

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The Ultimate Guide To Isla de la Plata

How To Get There

In order to reach Isla de la Plata, you will need to arrange transportation to Puerto Lopez – a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador. For some, a place to recharge. For others, a day trip to visit the island. Puerto Lopez is the perfect stop on your way down the coast. If you fly into Quito, you can take an overnight bus or a domestic puddle jumper to Manta, and then from there take a 1.5 hour taxi to Puerto Lopez.

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An Insider’s Guide to Quito, Ecuador


Following 24 hours of travel, the Quito airport was one of the more pleasant experiences I’ve had with foreign arrivals. There was classical music playing through the entire terminal, which was a perfect representation of the Ecuadorian culture – welcoming and beautiful. After a 45-minute windy taxi ride into town from the airport, we arrived at Sakti Hostel – a quaint and welcoming family ran bed and breakfast where we spent 4 nights to follow.

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