A Comprehensive Guide to Visiting Bali

Arriving to Denpasar

Getting in and out of Bali has become a breeze after recent airport renovations. If you arrive late at night, there will without a doubt be a number of taxis to choose from and bargain with if you want to negotiate a price to your destination. There are metered taxis, but for the most part the driver will have a set price and may or may not lower the price if you want to bargain and start with a lower number.

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How to Spend 5 Days in Chiang Mai

Arriving in Thailand

Arriving to the Chiang Mai International Airport is a breeze. It’s a fairly small airport that had a very limited number of taxis and airport shuttles available outside upon arrival.

The first vehicle that pulled around the corner was a tuk tuk. The late afternoon sun was beating hard, but we opted for the 200 THB (Thai Baht) tuk tuk to take us the 10-minute journey to our Airbnb. What better way to be welcomed to Thailand than a ride in a tuk tuk?

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Why Do We Travel?

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.” – Santayana

I once read an article on what it meant to have the “travel bug”, and how it differentiated from merely taking a vacation once or twice a year.
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The Freedom of Solo Travel

Have you ever lusted over photos of people traveling around the world? Have you noticed the huge boom of people (not just millennials) transitioning their jobs and lifestyles to lead a more remote life? It may seem impossible to do, but it’s not as intimidating as you may think.

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An Insider’s Guide to Quito, Ecuador


Following 24 hours of travel, the Quito airport was one of the more pleasant experiences I’ve had with foreign arrivals. There was classical music playing through the entire terminal, which was a perfect representation of the Ecuadorian culture – welcoming and beautiful. After a 45-minute windy taxi ride into town from the airport, we arrived at Sakti Hostel – a quaint and welcoming family ran bed and breakfast where we spent 4 nights to follow.

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Everything I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Isla De Ometepe


In the middle of Lake Nicaragua, isolated from the rest of the country, stand two majestic volcanoes at either end of an island. In the north of this island sits Volcán Concepción, a perfect cone-shaped active volcano. To the south, the extinct, or ‘prehistoric’ Volcán Maderas. Both volcanoes boast a truly spectacular and fantastical sight.

When you first approach Ometepe, whether by plane or ferry, you cannot help but gaze in awe at the twin volcanoes.

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